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Providing professional carpet cleaning services to Shawnee, KS, All Care Chem-Dry will certainly leave you satisfied. We'll be equipped with an educated staff, competitively priced carpet cleaning services, and a revolutionary process enabling us to help your carpets remain extremely clean. The best carpet cleaning in Shawnee, KS is on the market by the professionals at Chem-Dry. Our chief cleaning solution provides fast drying carpets, safe components, and a longer lasting clean. Our strategy differs from the others and you are certain to uncover why!

Shawnee Expert Carpet Cleaning


Wet carpets, days after the cleaning appointment, is a consequence of employing different carpet cleaners, for instance a number of Shawnee, KS steam cleaners. The power of carbonation is applied by All Care Chem-Dry instead of pouring gallons of soap and water on your carpet. This carbonation aids us in acquiring the safest and deepest cleaning out there. Our proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction process uses 80% less water as compared to almost all of our competitors require in order to be effective. With Chem-Dry you will notice your carpets are dry after only a couple of hours!


A sticky, dirt attracting residue stays behind after a large amount of cleaning service providers wrap up a job. These remains trigger dirty carpets just after the service was executed. Rinsing unforgiving detergents, chemicals, soaps, and shampoos out of the carpet can be tough and this is what is causing the residue. With the carbonation that we apply, instead of being stuck with stiff carpets, your flooring will feel soft and fresh. We work with the best temperature, carbonation rather than soaps, and the optimal amount of water so we can give your property the greatest process obtainable. Allergens and dirt that could get stuck inside the carpet fibers are unlocked and raised to the surface for easy removal by the carbonating bubbles. Challenging spots and stains are eliminated using a similar method in a large number of situations.


The principal cleaning solution at All Care Chem-Dry is green certified; this means that it's safe and non-toxic. This is important to our customers seeking green carpet cleaning in Shawnee, KS. Our company won’t put your pets or your loved ones in harm’s way. Our business works to help allergy sufferers, not make them more uncomfortable, so our process won’t heighten any sensitivities that you may have. There isn’t an opportunity for mold or mildew to develop since our process allows carpets to dry so easily. Instead of an overwhelming chemical stench, you'll be left with the smell of clean and fresh carpets!

With the most state-of-the-art carpet cleaning service in Shawnee, KS, you can rely on All Care Chem-Dry to clean your home along with the best procedures for your household!


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